About Youth for Christ France

Summer camps welcomed more than 100 children in 2020

Youth for Christ France has been working passionately with children and young people in France since 1947, with rallies and evangelization campaigns, a holiday center in the 1960s, concerts, and youth outreach evenings. For so many years the vision of Youth for Christ has been built and developed on the following: to allow everyone young to live the Gospel.

Our values: inter-denominationalism, enthusiasm, character of Christ, and pro-local church. Building deep relationships with young people, and supporting them in living the life of a disciple, have always been top priority for the Youth for Christ France team.

The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed us to reflect on the “how” without ever giving up on the “why.” After taking time as a team to seek the will of God, we chose to invest more in personal relationships (phone calls, visits, etc.) and in digital technology to support young people in their reality. We have added an emphasis on social networking and online training and rallies as YouTube events.

We also choose to maintain activities “in person” such as camps for children and young people, evangelization events, and neighborhood programs because we believe in the future of youth in France!

Prayer Needs

  • Continued development of our YouTube channel, focused on non-Christian young people: Sans Filtre.
  • Pray for our STREET Pasteur team. They reach young people in the street and create a strong relationship with them. We want to create other teams in many cities.
  • Pray for our evangelism camps.