About Youth for Christ Germany

Youth for Christ Germany, founded in 1948, will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2023. All ministry departments are focused on our primary target group of unchurched teenagers (aged 12-17). Believing that youth can be reached best by youth, we love to work with young energetic believers (age 18-25) to care for teenagers together. Discipleship is vital to all our programs, which consist of youth centers, outreaches (local, national, and global) through Project Serve, small groups (e.g. SuperWoman), and regular youth programs. In 2021 YFC Germany started their first local youth center in Darmstadt and will hopefully extend with more centers to other cities in the next year, as God directs. We strive to combine relationship-based youth work with a wise use of digital media.

Youth for Christ Germany has 12 full-time paid staff members that serve alongside 30+ full-time volunteers (gap-year programs) each year. The need for consistent and sustainable relationship-based youth work is huge in our secular nation! Lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 made the situation for teenagers on the margins even more dramatic. We long to come alongside those teenagers in need!

Youth for Christ Germany is conducting ministry among its nation’s youth through:

•Center ministry

•Direct outreach to unchurched teenagers

•SuperWoman groups

•Digital evangelism

•Training conferences for volunteers

•Worldwide volunteer services through Project Serve

Prayer Needs

  • Expanding the Center ministry to new additional locations (suitable rooms available is the biggest challenge)
  • Continued spiritual growth in the unchurched teenagers that we already reached in the last years. Several made a decision for Christ!
  • Stability in the finances and more incoming donations after the negative effects of the pandemic and economic problems in our country