About YFC Chile

Youth for Christ Chile has two youth centres: one in Santiago, the capital city, and another one in Quilpué, a coastal city. A Community Development Center was established in Santiago (in the Cerro Navia area) in partnership with World Vision, where Youth for Christ heads all spiritual activities through school, social, sports and music workshops.

Youth for Christ also leads a Scout group and interacts with other groups in the area. Youth for Christ takes part in social risk workshops taught at schools close to the Quilpué youth centre and also partners with local churches in their activities. Youth for Christ has hosted two Youth for Christ USA Project Serve teams at this centre and another team organized by Youth for Christ Latin America.

Youth for Christ assists an estimated 5,400 children and teens every year. At this point, Youth for Christ does not have full-time staff. The team members, the National Director and the Board members are all volunteers.

Prayer Needs

  • Materials for training church youth leaders
  • Funding for general operations
  • Continued effectiveness of ministry teams in the country
  • Spiritual growth of youth who have come to Jesus