About Youth for Christ Canada

Youth for Christ Canada believes that a relevant presentation of the person and teachings of Jesus must address the culture of the day and include responsible practical responses to poverty, homelessness, addiction, violence and other issues facing youth at risk — including elementary school students.

Through global mission partnerships we also challenge Canadian youth to look beyond themselves to a suffering world. We purposefully invest in young people with future leadership potential.

At the core of our drive to build bridges with young people is our greatest prayer that they would find the one relationship that brings meaning to every other aspect of life.

Through the help of our partners, Youth for Christ Canada reached 193,919 children and youth in 2019 – 3,773 of whom decided to follow Jesus!

Youth for Christ Canada is comprised of

  • 39 chapters and affiliates
  • 819 staff
  • 5,894 volunteers
  • 336 communities served
  • And 1,018 church partnerships