About Youth for Christ Benin

Youth for Christ Benin’s desire and ministry challenge is to help each young person in Benin to be fully engaged for Christ from early age to adulthood. We wish to raise a new generation of faithful leaders, impacting churches, lives, communities and our nation.

For this purpose, each week we gather more than 2,000 youth in schools or universities for worship, training and empowerment. We are committed to train groups of parents, church leaders, and teachers in appropriate care for youth, and engage them in prayer. Moreover, we gather young professionals and civil servants to raise a generation of godly leaders like Daniel, who can reconcile our nation with God and introduce godly principles in governance.

Girls who are victims of violence are also targeted for reconciliation with God, their family, and new life perspective. For the past ten years, we have gathered young people each year to train them and engage them in community service for free medical care, evangelism, and social actions for the needy. We have planted more than 10 new churches in collaboration with local church leaders.


Life-skills training and prayer meeting for public school students in Cotonou

Prayer Needs

  • God’s guidance as this ministry grows
  • Care and development of staff and volunteers and Board of Trustees
  • The destruction of the stronghold of voodooism over this nation and a great revival and soul-winning
  • Collaboration with churches and other ministries in Benin
  • Favour with the government as Youth for Christ ministers to young leaders and youth
  • Funding to finance our strategic plan to raise a young generation of godly leaders and church leaders supporting youth
  • Funding for our strategy of installing a center for training and installing young entrepreneurs and volunteers in farming and handicraft