About YFC Burundi

Located in the continent of Africa, in the East Africa Region, Burundi covers 25,680 square kilometers of land and 2,150 square kilometers of water with a total area of 27,830 square kilometers.

In 2020, the population was estimated at 11.89 million and the nation had a density of 427 people per square kilometer. The Republic of Burundi is a landlocked country, bordered by Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Burundi is a beautiful country with lush greenery, spans of beach along Lake Tanganyika, and breathtaking mountains at every turn. Despite the beauty of the country and its climate, Burundi experienced a succession of civil wars just after colonization. These wars have negatively affected the country in many aspects.

Within a climate of hope and expectation, the development of Burundi can only be achieved with a generation of leaders with integrity. Hence, the Vision of Youth for Christ Burundi is “to raise up a generation of godly leaders to transform our society.”

Despite the fact that the vision is very clear, the majority of the young people to be transformed are homeless, hopeless and under drugs. With this situation, the first mission of Youth for Christ Burundi is to provide a shelter for orphans in order to give them hope. Hence the creation of orphanages (Homes of Hope) for such kind of children.

In addition, the orphanage alone was not enough. It was necessary to find a place of education for these children. Hence the creation of Christian schools by Youth for Christ Burundi.

A health center was also created to provide medical care to these children in case of illness.

So far, Youth for Christ Burundi is operating in three provinces of Burundi with 95 kids in our orphanages and 1,918 students in our schools. We have one health center and a trade school under construction.

Please continue praying with us for the success.



Fruitful Efforts in Burundi