Our Brief History

In 1992 a group of Angola young people participated in a youth camp in Namibia, and later that experience caused them to start YFC in Angola. Avelino Rafael, Lino André, Pastor Bernardo Chinoia, Beto Fontes and others were the ones who participated in the youth camp, and after training from YFC Namibia, Lino André became the first National Director of YFC Angola. He has now been succeeded by Pastor Chinoia.

YFC Angola 2021 Staff giving food baskets to needy families

Our main outreach methods before COVID-19 were a weekly lunch with underprivileged youth followed by Bible studies and discipleship; seven days of teen and kids camps, and addiction-free youth camp; cultural activities for each center; and schools outreach. A very important ministry is “Worth the Wait,” a program we take to school calling young people to stay pure until marriage, offering the opportunity to sign an annual written commitment not to have sex until marriage.

For over eight months we hardly did anything during COVID because the majority of young people in our country don’t have access to good internet. Facebook has helped a lot to keep us connected, but even that requires the internet. Fearing the economic crisis, our donors have stopped since the first announcement of the pandemic. Thus, we have had little resources for our full-time workers and other needs of the ministry. Now we do online conferences and online discipleship for those who can afford the internet.

Our vision for the future after COVID is to resume our normal activities; start an agriculture project, ”Business for Ministry;” raise funds to complete our campsite, and use it as a sustainable source of funds for the ministry; and open a food bank to help poor communities.

Because of You…

Youth for Christ in Angola is actively running the following ministries:
  • working with underprivileged children in poor communities giving food, toys and teaching through Bible histories and the gospel.
  • running evangelism programs through camps for  youth, teenage and kids. In the last year, Angola YFC has reached 238 young people, 47 children and 27 teenagers through camp ministry.
  • introduction of the ”Waiting Covenant” for teenage and young people teaching them that our body is the temple of God and we have to keep it pure, waiting to have sex after marriage.
Angola YFC is also building a campsite that is 60% done; they are waiting on God for provision to finish the building because there is not yet enough money to finish it.
The ministry of Youth for Christ in Angola has seven centres in seven different provinces.

Prayer Needs

  • Spiritual protection for staff, volunteers, Board members and their families
  • Funding for the development of a training camp and support of the ministry
  • Increased and effective ministry to schools and churches
  • Increased involvement of more youth leaders in training and camps
  • Funding to build our own Ministry Centre, since the rent is very high (we need about US $25,000 to build it)
  • Transition process at leadership in several levels
  • Effective follow-up program for those who are being reached through our ministry
  • Office equipment (computers & printers for local ministries)