I am Lia (name is changed for privacy). I live with my mother and uncle in Gyumri. I go to school.

My mom does many different things to earn money for our family: cleans yards, houses, washes carpets, and breaks wood. My uncle is disabled, and he is not able to work.

I wake up very early in the morning. My mother helps me to wash my hands and face in the bucket, as we don’t have water or a bathroom. To tell the truth, sometimes I am afraid to sleep in our house as it is in a very bad state – almost ruined.

Despite all these, I am an excellent pupil. I also attend dance school; doll-constructing group, where we create dolls by hand; and also I attend my beloved daycare center. We spend wonderful days at the daycare center, where everyone is very kind to us and most of us don’t want to go home early. My mom tells everybody that I have changed a lot since I started going to the daycare center. I also feel happier and more secure. The teacher there helps us to do our homework and get excellent marks at school.

I have many dreams, but first of all I’d like us to have a place to live and for my mom to be healthy and work less, so we could spend more time together.