Marina* is 9 years old. She lives with her mother in Georgia. The father left the family when Marina was a baby. Her mom works as a cleaner in a store and receives a meager salary. They rarely have enough to eat. Whatever food they have, her mother gives to Marina, and she herself stays hungry. Still from time to time they both find themselves malnourished.

All of Marina’s clothes are worn-out, given by neighbors. When her mother learned about the Youth for Christ Day Center at the local church, she immediately asked for help. Marina started going to the Day Center. Volunteers began to help the family with food and bought Marina new shoes and clothes. Before the start of the school year, Youth for Christ purchased all her necessary school supplies.

When volunteers visit the family, they always talk about Jesus. Marina also hears the Gospel at the Day Center.

The once very thin and pale Marina has begun to gain weight, and according to her mother, a healthy blush now appears on her daughter’s cheeks for the first time in her life!


*name changed