Liam Burke has taken the helm as the new National Director for Youth for Christ in Ireland. He introduces himself and the ministry of YFC Ireland a bit below…

When I was 13 years old I walked into a broken down old church that was, apparently, not too broken down to host a youth drop-in centre. The music was too loud, dodgeballs were flying everywhere, kids were playing cards and the hot chocolate was terrible. It was wonderful. I belonged. I was enough. I was significant.

My name is Liam and I’m passionate not just about seeing God restore the old ruins but also about seeing young people fill them with their passion for Jesus. I’m Irish. Ireland is a place filled with these ruins. It was once a place that sent missionaries all across the world and we believe that young people are those that shall ‘rebuild the old ruins, raise up the former desolations and repair the ruined cities’ (Isaiah 61), not the physical ruins but the spiritual ruins, to restore this land to overflow once again.

The hot chocolate is a little bit better now but the heart that I experienced when I was 13 is still the same. Working with young people isn’t just about providing a fun place, it’s about modelling what God is like, the values of belonging, identity and significance are part of everything we do. We want them to encounter a piece of heaven. My prayer is that young people would find their belonging in God’s family, that they would know their true identity as sons and daughters and realize the significance each one of them carries so that they can carry heaven to earth in everything they do.

Simon, the previous National Director, who served for five years, will continue to work part time for YFC Ireland. Thank you Simon for all you have done for YFC Ireland. We are excited to welcome Liam as the new National Director. Join us in praying for him and for the new task ahead of him.