Geordon Rendle, International President

boliviaOne of my “favourite” countries is Bolivia. The Bolivian people are resilient, gracious and entrepreneurial. Bolivia also has the onerous position of being one of the top five poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere.

Just last week we were together with the Latin American Region in Brazil. The nation best represented, numerically, was Bolivia. How was that even possible in light of scales of economy? Our precious Bolivian staff sold hot dogs on the street, set up a stand to print photocopies at pennies a sheet, and fundraised from friends and family and churches!

Each nation was given 30 minutes to make a presentation about their ministries. When it came time for Bolivia, eight people stood up in common team T-shirts, shared for 15 minutes about how God is moving in their country and then, they washed the feet of the Area Leadership Team!

So, the poorest of the poor, the humble and sacrificial staff of Bolivia showed the rest of us what it means to be “servants of all.” Being last on the list of GDP in the Americas is not a relegation; it’s an opportunity to serve with even more grace, more awareness, more consciousness of our poverty of heart and spirit!

Did you notice that Jesus sat down to teach His disciples? The Bolivians knelt down, even as Jesus did when He washed feet. Jesus was not just present in the flesh; He was incarnational in His posture.

Bolivia, your YFC family globally is proud of you and grateful for you! Thank you to Richard, Paola and your team for teaching us all about service.