Do you have a heart for those affected by the current refugee crisis? Might you and/or a team of like-minded Christians be willing to travel to Italy for a week to reach out to African refugees there? If so, the opportunity below might just be for you…


[email protected] is a day camp run for a week from Monday to Saturday with the vision to reach out to the African refugee teens who live in Bologna and to offer them a week of activities, sports and Bible teaching


Games – we have a set of games that we run at [email protected] They are group games that involve fun and action;
Sports – we run a couple of sports clinics in the morning (volleyball, basketball, soccer, American football, Lacrosse, baseball etc …);
Bible time – each year we have a theme inspired by a contemporary saga or movie which is famous among teens (eg. Twilight, Hunger games etc …). In the morning we gather the kids, watch a clip of that movie and connect it to a Bible truth. The Bible truth is shared through a short sermon given by a leader and then discussed in small groups around the table. The camp leaders are asked to share personal testimonies on that truth;


exchangeITWe would like to invite the teens who are living in the refugee camps around the city of Bologna. For the most part they come from Western Africa and they have been in the area for a time that goes from 6 months to one week (depending on how the migrant flow is going to develop). These teens have gone through all kinds of traumatic experiences. Among them are Christians (some just nominal) and Muslims, but they are all very open to talk about God. Many of them will have participated to our weekly club.

Team requirements

We are looking for a team willing to run a one week camp in partnership with the YFC staff in Italy.

Each team should have a minimum of 8 students + 2/3 leaders and a maximum of 12 teens + 4 leaders. By students we mean students who are in high school or college.

We need students who are flexible, willing to share their faith and to build relationships. Also we welcome students and leaders who coach a particular sports and would be happy to have him/her run some of the morning sports clinics.

The students will be asked to run the games and be active in the small group discussions over matter of faith, especially in sharing their personal testimonies.


We are pretty flexible with this. We are considering Spring 2016. One option may be the Easter week (March 21st – 27th), or second half of April, or second half of May.


The team is responsible to raise funds for the airfare.

YFC Italia will look for accommodation in a hostel or B&B facility. We estimate a day cost for food and accommodation of around 50 euros. The team will also have to rent
vans or cars to drive from the airport to the hostel and daily from the hostel to the camp site. The estimated cost of 10 day week van rental (9 seat +) gasoline is around 1.300

For questions or inquiries, use the form below: