This past weekend, I had the privilege of joining the Youth for Christ Denver team at their snow camp in the mountains of Colorado. It was a combination of two of my favourite things: time with teenagers sharing the Gospel and snow-shoeing at high altitude. The stories of two girls left indelible imprints on my heart. One of them, in a small group setting, shared that “everyone at my school says I’m worthless.” The other girl was passionate about sharing the Gospel with her peers, about bringing peace to her school hallways, but overwhelmed by the need.

The response to both girls is the “rest” found in Christ. For the first girl, there is rest in knowing our worth is in Christ. For the second girl, there is rest in knowing that God calls us to go, to share, to love – but He takes care of the results, He prompts the responses, He woos the hearts. This knowledge shows up in gentleness. This truth keeps us humble. What a joy to share these restful realities with both young ladies, and their smiles bespoke their joy.

All of us are precious AND called to ministry – whether as staff, volunteers, ministry partners, intercessors or friends of Youth for Christ. If you are ever burdened or weighed down by caring for others, then know that the heaviness is self-inflicted. There is a freedom, a certain lightness about bringing your friends to the Cross of Christ. He died for them, He lives for them. I am merely an envoy of the Gospel message. My input into their lives is obedience. The outcome in their lives is supernatural.

Is your soul at rest in 2016? We are only weeks into the new year. Are you tired already? We cannot GO for Christ without first coming TO Christ. Find rest in Him; there is a generation that DESPERATELY needs us to role model this simple and strategic four letter word, R.E.S.T. – Replenish Everlasting Strength Today, by turning to Christ.