Location: Remote or International Service Center in Denver, CO
Reports to CFO in the Accounting Department
The Accounting department at the International Service Center in Denver is looking for someone to join their team in the area of International Projects Funding management. This position would help manage funds donated to the organization for ministry projects around the world. This vital position will help ensure donated funds are utilized to their fullest and projects are completed.
Job duties include:

Oversee and manage the release of funds to YFCI programs who receive donations at YFCI for specific and/or larger projects:

  • Establish project completion timeline with National Director or designated project leader
  • Monitor progress of project completion with regularly scheduled checkpoints to ensure it’s on track
  • Facilitate release of YFCI funds based on project status, timeline, and projected budget

Develop and implement project funding guidelines, to include:

  • Budget template
  • Project consultation for timing & budget and appropriate permits and title work
  • Timeline completion parameters
  • Change management-if original project can’t be fulfilled, facilitate how funds are reallocated to another appropriate project

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