During his last year at high school, David started doing drugs. He was also in the habit of drinking. He says it had a lot to do with peer pressure.  New Year’s Eve became a turning point, as David and one of his friends wandered into a church.  It was there, David says, “I gave my life to God.”

Not long after, a former Youth for Christ member and neighbour, who knew David’s situation well, encouraged him to join Youth for Christ in Nakuru.  He met several wonderful people there who encouraged him to commit to change.

A retreat in April 2011 was a major milestone, David says. It was there that he came to understand his salvation and began to develop intimacy with God.  “Youth for Christ taught me to practice Quiet Time and the results are just awesome. I now have the confidence of sharing my faith with others and helping them to see that it’s only God who can truly satisfy … not getting high on drugs.”