Ihor repeatedly suffered from violent physical and emotional abuse by his father, who abandoned him and his mother when Ihor was just a year and a half old. However, from time to time he returned into their lives with fights and bullying. When his dad left them, the bullying still did not cease.
Ihor’s stepfather, who had been in prison for raping 28 women, came into his life. Later on, Ihor’s mom went abroad, and Ihor stayed with his grandmother. The boy learned about Youth for Christ’s Day Centre program and started going to the meetings. He listened to God’s Word with pleasure, prayed, and attended three camps with Youth for Christ.
Although he gave his life to Christ at camp, he was afraid to tell his leader about his family problems. A few years later, Ihor went abroad to live with his mother, but he later returned to the Ukraine and became an active volunteer in one of the Day Centres.
Ihor came alive again in the ministry. He is eager to visit Sunday services, home groups, and Bible lessons at Youth for Christ’s Day Centres.
Ihor is preparing to be baptized, and he continues to pray for his stepbrother and mom. God heals childhood wounds and gives new dreams through Youth for Christ ministries around the globe.
This young man dreams of having a wonderful family and strives to serve God more and more. Ihor now serves as a leader with the Day Centre ministry in the Ukraine. He also helps Youth for Christ by helping to make videos about the ministry that helped him so much growing up. Praise the Lord that He brings happiness and hope into broken lives.