In Auckland, New Zealand, at the relaunch of Youth for Christ this week, a beautiful 30 voice choir of Samoan children and teenagers sang, “Here I am Lord, it is I Lord!” There is a generation ready and waiting and able to be on mission for their Master. The role of Youth for Christ is to empower them, enable them, encourage them – YFC believes in the ministry capabilities and capacity of young people.

All too often, we as adults say, as Moses did, “Here am I, send Aaron!” We think someone else should “help” teenagers out. We skirt the fact that the Lord wants us to be redemptive advocates for teenagers. Behind every great Jesus confessing, resurrection believing teenager is an adult who empowered. This is the push and pull of cross-generational cross-pollination. We need each other. We as adults are called by God to minister to and with teenagers. Teenagers are standing by, willing and able, but often lacking that commissioning that only adults can offer.

Did you notice that there is a pivotal Trinitarian piece in the question asked of Isaiah? Who will go for US? Yes, it is the Father who calls us, but it is the Son who redeems us and the Spirit who compels us.

Who will go for us? Youth for Christ. Who will go with us? Teenagers AND adults, together. In Whose strength do we go? In the Burning Bush power of God Almighty.

Lord, release and anoint Your Kiwi children so that they may reach this generation, by Your grace and for Your glory.