YFC staff in Canada are on their knees today, literally – I’m at the Canadian National Staff Conference Day of Prayer. I walked into a large church in Toronto under a roof streaming with flags from all over the world, my heart heavy for the bleeding in Beirut and Istanbul, my soul filled with joy because today we leave it all at the Cross.

We have been moving from station to station around a large room, reading 2 Chronicles 20 – surrendering our fears, celebrating our powerlessness, remembering that this battle is HIS battle. . . and we pray.

We are called by His name. We are CHRISTians, we are Youth for CHRIST. We are HIS people and we humble ourselves. And, what does it mean to seek His face? Well, we know from Scripture that to see Him is to die. We’re not ready for that. But seeking His face means longing to be under His watchful eye, to be fully aware that we are in His presence. What the Prayer Team has orchestrated today takes us fully into His heart, swathed with His gaze.

And what about “wicked ways”? These are YFC people, surrendered to His will, passionate about His calling. Where is our wickedness? It’s when we think we can do this ourselves, when we press into our own plans, when we don’t intentionally seek His protection and provision.

Then will I hear. . . God listens. Have you ever felt unheard? Misunderstood? Ignored? God listens.

God forgives. Leave it. As far as the East is from the West – if the Omniscient God doesn’t even remember what you did you needn’t either. Step forward.

God heals. He heals “our land”. YFC’s “land” is an entire generation of teenagers. Mysteriously, beautifully, powerfully, our humble prayers trigger holy healing in our nations, in the hearts of young people everywhere.

Again, it all starts with humble prayer. Thank you YFC Canada for setting aside a day before every National Staff Conference to “go there” – to give up and give in, to give ourselves over fully to His glory and His purposes. This generation is blessed by you, through you, because of you. To Toronto and beyond. From His heart into mine. From my heart into the lives and loves of every teenager on earth.