by Gary & Valerie Maloney

January was a great month and busier than we expected.

We saw our team expand as we were joined by Gary and Valerie Maloney, two new members of staff, who’ve settled in really well. We spent some time on retreat as a staff to knit our team together and that was partly facilitated by Innovista, a great organisation in Ireland.

irish team

We led a couple of Nomad, cage soccer, sessions in different places, one being a weekend called FUSION that happened in Sligo.

Valerie attended a conference on prayer spaces in schools and we’re really keen to begin to do that.

We helped Scripture Union deliver their Authentic youth program in Gonzaga College, a Jesuit College in Dublin. Liam shared his testimony and I had the opportunity to talk about Thomas’ encounter with the risen Christ, saying that God can cope with our ultimatum, “until I see…”. The conversations that followed were brilliant and the young lads asked lots of questions about what they had heard.

This month SU will launch their NUA film series, a series to follow the Alpha course, focusing further on the person of Jesus. We’re really looking forward to using this in our youth ministry.

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