Because of you...

The eternal value of reaching young people for Christ cannot be measured; however, these numbers and stories allow us to celebrate what God is doing around the world because of you and the men and women of Youth for Christ.


It is amazing to see what God is doing through your generosity. Young people around the world are being given the opportunity to be followers of Jesus. I wish you could be with me as I visit national Youth for Christ ministries whose staff teams are all so passionate about reaching their nation’s young people. Amal is just one of the 265,863 young people who responded to the Gospel because of these passionate staff.

Amal’s family had forced her to quit school and to work in a factory. Amal felt hurt, used, and exploited. This created a deep wound inside her.

Amal began attending Youth for Christ girls’ ministry and she felt something different: love and acceptance. God’s love broke through in a way she could understand. Amal decided to be a follower of Jesus and was able to forgive her family for the way they treated her.

Amal’s story and many more are all possible because of your faithful ongoing support. You are doing something truly amazing.

Thank you.

John Bastian


Howard Stevenson


Is there any more important work than reaching lost young people with the message of God’s transforming love? Those of us on the International Board would say emphatically ‘No!’ We come from eleven different nations and count ourselves blessed to be part of the worldwide movement sharing Christ in 110 nations. Winning youth for Christ is what we are all about and we are grateful to you for your partnership in prayer and giving. Because of you, there is growth in God’s Kingdom.

With deep gratitude for all who come along side of us in prayer and in giving.

Howard Stvenson



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