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David Wraight2013 will be my 10th and final year as International President. As I reflect on where God has taken Youth for Christ over the past 9 years I am humbled and astounded at the miraculous growth we have seen in the movement. God has blessed abundantly.  Since the beginning of 2004 Youth for Christ has pioneered or restarted ministry in 66 nations; connected with around 40 million young people with over 2 million giving their lives to Jesus; developed and implemented a prayer strategy that now has 237,000 prayer intercessors globally and involves 14 prayer initiatives; implemented a young leaders’ development and empowerment process that identified, trained, equipped and mobilized thousands of strategic young leaders across the world and has been the catalyst for renewal and exponential growth in the movement. Youth for Christ currently has ministry in 138 nations, 27,880 staff, and connects with around 5 million un-churched un-reached young people every year. As I pass on the leadership to a very capable and well-prepared younger leader I am excited about the future. For the first time in my 23 years in Youth for Christ we are realistically projecting having ministry in every nation of the world within the next 10 years.

~ David Wraight

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Sam WolgemuthIs there any more important work than reaching lost young people with the message of God’s transforming love? Those of us on the International Board would say emphatically ‘No!’. We come from nine different nations and count ourselves blessed to be part of the world-wide movement now sharing Christ in 138 nations. Winning youth for Christ is what we are all about and we are grateful to you for your partnership in prayer and giving. Because of you there is growth in God’s Kingdom. God bless you.

~ Sam Wolgemuth


I was inspired to become a World Changer after hearing what young leaders are doing around the world to share the love of Jesus with others. The challenges they face day-to-day seem overwhelming and this is one way that I can support them.
$25 a month from one person seems like a drop-in-the-bucket for the resources they need, but put those drops together and the bucket gets filled.
I want to be a part of filling the bucket and helping others share Jesus with the world!

~ Emily Hadduck

To join Emily, and many others, and be a World Changer click here

Because of you...
The eternal value of reaching young people for Christ cannot be measured; however, these numbers allow us to celebrate what God is doing around the world because of you and the men and women of Youth for Christ.Thanks for your investment

Number of…
Nations where Youth for Christ ministers – 138
Young people impacted by direct ministry – 3.9 mil
Young people impacted by media ministry – 700,891
Young people who responded to the Gospel – 194,179
Young people in follow-up & discipleship – 133,249
Local ministry centres- 709
Full-time, part-time & volunteer staff – 27,881
Registered prayer intercessors – 237,376
Churches that partner in ministry – 10,995

These figures are a compilation of statistics reported on Annual Ministry Reviews from 2012, with 95 Youth for Christ nations reporting. They are a close approximation but not absolute totals. Media ministry includes literature distribution, TV and radio programs and ministry being carried out via the internet.

Board of Trustees

Sam Wolgemuth, Board Chair – USA
Dean Rueckert, Deputy Board Chair – USA
David Wraight, President/CEO – Australia
Alfred Mc Donald, Secretary – Jamaica
Gunnar Lie – USA
Abraham Mantey – Ghana
Maarten van Helden – The Netherlands
Marcelo Gualberto da Silva – Brazil
Peter Halder – South Asia
Alfons Hildebrandt – Germany
Jean Baptiste Mugarura – Rwanda

Campus Life Club, Guatemala


World Leadership Team

David Wraight, President/CEO
John Bastian, Chief Financial Officer
Linda Stershic, International Prayer Director
Pieter Verhoeven, Chief Operating Officer
Larry Williams, VP of Ministries & Field Operations
Hilary Lewis-Nicol, Africa Area Director
Geordon Rendle, Americas Area Director
Neil O’Boyle, Asia Pacific Area Director
John Duncan, Europe, Middle East & North Africa Area Director

Ministry in Cyprus

Financial Picture


The collective budgeted income and expense totals for all Youth for Christ ministry worldwide.

These figures are reported on Annual Ministry Reviews, with 85 Youth for Christ nations reporting financial figures.

Worldwide Budget



Audited FInancials
Youth for Christ International Ministries is a nonprofit corporation and is exempt from income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. IRS Code and comparable state law. Donations to Youth for Christ International Ministries are tax deductible within the limitations prescribed by the Code. As a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, we adhere to high standards for fund raising and responsible stewardship. Audited financial statements and the opinion of CapinCrouse LLP can be obtained by contacting the Youth for Christ International office or downloading by clicking here.

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