Tanya, one of the first children to attend the Day Center in Khmelnytsk.

Tanya was one of the first children to attend the Day Center in Khmelnytsk. When she was a year and a half old, her mother died, and until the age of four, she lived with her grandmother. Later, her father married for a second time, so Tanya and her older sister moved to live in a new family, where she had a new mother and brother.

At school, Tania was shy, quiet girl with almost no friends. She was most ashamed that her family did not have much money. Once Tania’s brother was invited to the Day Center, she also expressed a desire to attend the meetings. Most of all, Tania was impressed by the leaders’ attitude and love for her. Despite her age and social status, she was accepted and loved as she was.

Attending the Day Center meetings, Tanya has changed a lot. She found a lot of friends, which she always dreamed of. She was taught to respect and love her parents and because of this, her relationships with her mother underwent major changes. Now Tania has a strong and good relationship with her mother. That is a great example for many, because even a birth mother and daughter cannot always boast of such a strong bond as theirs.

At the Day Center, she discovered her talents and abilities. Earlier, as a quiet and closed child, and over time, she began to open and take an active part in helping at the Day Center in Khmelnytsk. As God worked on Tania’s heart , she went from a shy girl who was afraid to even tell a poem at school to an active minister who runs Day Center events and gladly takes the role of the MC in the camps.

Thanks to the Day Center meetings, Tania understood the main thing she wants to do in her life. Her calling is to help children and adolescents that are in difficult life circumstances: children who are essentially as closed and unsure of themselves as she was.

Now Tanya is a Youth for Christ worker, responsible for development of Day Centers. Thanks to Youth for Christ, she can fulfill her dream by helping children and teens.