by Christie McVeigh, Station 7: Program Lead

“Covid Camp”… “Camp in a Box” … “Staycation Style” — Whatever you want to call it is in full swing in France!

YFC France: Station Seven has engaged a great group of teens. The day before camp started, each camper received a large camp kit featuring numbered mystery bags that everyone opens together for each daily activity.

The camp just wrapped up day two, and so far they have done a tie dye tutorial (the 90’s are alive!), carved frogs out of jello, made weird and crazy instant ramen, listened to a short encouraging message in the mornings together and have made fun memories.

Organizers weren’t sure whether this “online” or “zoom camp” would work, but have found that the teens are really into it, they are engaged, having fun, lingering in between connect times and genuinely enjoying the camp.