Jesus had just beaten the devil down in 40 days and three rounds but, as the devil walked away, he looked back over his shoulder and said, “I will get you.” This is not an attempt to give the devil any PR (public relations), but it is a cautionary narrative.

This generation is pliable to any kind of spiritual input. The devil sees youth as an “opportune time” to enslave them to sin, guilt and remorse. We at Youth for Christ see this same time as opportune to release them to hope, healing and heaven.

But let me make this really personal – about you and me. There are other Scriptures about giving the devil a foothold. That’s another way of saying, offering him an opportune time to tempt us.

Candidly, when I am exhausted, when I have just returned from a long trip, I am vulnerable. My firewalls are down.

When I am feeling emotionally unfulfilled, I may justify sin as a “need”.

When my ego gets involved, I rationalise that, “I deserve this brief foray into sin.”

Jesus protected Himself by knowing that He was anointed and surrendered for Kingdom service. Victory in Christ is inextricably wedded to our surrender to Christ. Strength over sin and temptation is directly proportional to our surrender to the compelling call of God. Jesus was protected by purposefulness and the power of an identity grounded in the Father’s love for Him. He embraced His Father’s voice as written in Scripture. So, even when exhausted, alone and hungry, Jesus pushed back on the gates of hell! Oh Lord, that YFC would be the envoy that shares this victory lesson with an entire generation!