By Tim Smyth, Tacoma YFC

At a recent Campus Life pizza party at Spanaway Lake High School, I noticed the Site Leader, Ericka Wallace, was deep in conversation with a young person I had not seen at Club before. You could literally see the compassion in Ericka’s eyes as she engaged this student in a discussion that I would not discover the details about until later.

The young lady Ericka was speaking to had been very nervous to come to Campus Life. The reason why was the student is transitioning into a boy. She had always heard that Christians treat trans and gay people with hatred. Something had compelled her (the power of The Holy Spirit!) to come and find out for herself. Ericka was able to begin a conversation about the Bible and Jesus. Without understanding it, this young lady began to feel the love of God. She wants to continue speaking with Ericka as she searches for answers.

It is always amazing to see the Gospel acted out through the lives of our Site Leaders and volunteers.

Will you pray that Ericka and her volunteer team with be able to continue to speak truth with compassion and love? Will you pray that Jesus continues to move on the heart of this young lady (and many more like her) as she realizes that He loves her and carried all of her sin and shame on the cross and wants her to experience full life?

Thank you for being a part of this young person’s story as it unfolds. Because of you, leaders like Ericka are having compassionate conversations with young people everywhere.

*Youth image has been changed.