During the last 6 months, together with the Area Leadership Team, we have been updating our Strategic Plan for the next 5 years. After several conversations, all our team agreed that it is necessary to invest more time in improving some support processes that are offered to our countries.

Our desire is to be able to strengthen even more our ties with you and thus serve them in an ideal way. In order to better achieve our goals, we have recruited Melissa Verdugo who is officially serving as Director of Operations in the Americas. Melissa has demonstrated great ability to develop processes in various matters related to our Office.

Among the main functions of Melissa Verdugo, in her capacity as Director of Operations are:

  • Facilitate and develop the Operations Department and recruit a team for it. The Operations Department includes the following areas:
    Pioneering and development of national chapters.
    Training and resources for regions and countries.
  • Development of ministerial models and quality control.
  • The Division of Missions of the Area that supports through the recruitment and sending of missionaries and serving as a link for the development of strategic alliances between chapters.
  • Assist the Regional Directors in the delivery of resources and services to the countries in order to encourage the development and growth of the national chapters.
  • Review the strategic planning of the Area and ensure its timely implementation.

We know that Melissa will be a great blessing to our Area, we ask for your prayers and support for her during her time in charge of this important role.

God bless you greatly.

Serving Together,

José Carlos Gutiérrez Téllez

Americas Area Director