Youth For Christ
Brickyard to Bridge

This 500 mile, 5 day “Brickyard 2 Bridge” venture raises funds for Youth for Christ’s pioneering ministry in a South Asian country whose young people are in desperate need of life’s basics and the Message of Christ. 2019 Pledges and Donations Now Accepted. » Read More

Coachnet Training in Spain

Eight staff members participated in Coachnet Training in Spain. » Read More

Congo developing club and drama work in schools

A new ministry in Kinshasa is developing a team to work with clubs and drama in schools. » Read More

Entrepeneurs Unlimited

A new entrepreneurship program for young people is being launched at The Bridge Youth Centre in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada... » Read More

ePray: Wake Up Deborah

There is a growing movement around the world. This movement is calling parents to their knees so teenagers can stand on their feet. » Read More

In New Zealand at risk youth are challenged through adventure programs

At risk young people are being introduced to a God of second chances through outdoor adventure programs » Read More

Leadership Schools in Ukraine

Youth for Christ in Ukraine organises seven leadership schools, training as many as 420 youth leaders. » Read More

Overcoming Violence in El Salvador

Despite gang violence, God has opened several doors for Youth for Christ to bring the gospel of Jesus to young people in El Salvador. » Read More

Pioneering Evangelists

The Lord is raising up world-changing Kingdom-minded young leaders with the gift of evangelism throughout the global movement of Youth for Christ and He has specifically directed us to indentify, develop, equip and deploy these young leaders to be » Read More

Pioneering Nations

God is blessing Youth for Christ with miraculous growth and increasing opportunity to reach the seemingl » Read More

Poland Empowering Young Women

In Poland, Youth for Christ is investing in young women. Through a platform called Kobie.TY, young women are building relationships and identities. » Read More

Poland's "Evacuation" Project Reaching University Students

University students in Poland are connecting over Christian music, hot topics, delicious food, and prayer through a new project called "Evacuation." » Read More

Prayer Initiative In Brazil

Through a national prayer initiative, "Arise Deborah", over 50,000 mothers all over Brazil committed to pray for their children and the youth in their areas daily. » Read More

Project #MOSES Street Evangelism and Discipleship Launches in Russia

Project #Moses consists of street evangelism and discipleship, training for those who are to preach the gospel, case studies with different tools for evangelism, and creating teams in each local church for evangelism in the city. » Read More

Serving Youth Orphaned by HIV/AIDS Epidemic

In South Africa, a special project aims to make an impact on communities, youths and people through serving children and youths orphaned by the HIV/Aids epidemic. » Read More


A Mongolian circus acrobat says yes to Jesus and pioneers Youth for Christ ministry in his country. » Read More

Sports Tournament Uniting Eastern Europe

140 athletes (mostly non-believers) from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, & Moldova played sports, prayed, and heard chaplain testimonies and the gospel message over the course of a three-day tournament. » Read More

Street Pasteur

Throughout the year, the Street Pasteur team (Youth for Christ in France) works with young people from the districts of the city of Mulhouse and its surroundings. » Read More

TeenSportz Geared To The Times

Singapore Youth for Christ has been on an exciting and challenging, God-led journey of evolving sports ministry as young people’s preferences and perceptions of sports events change. » Read More

Timothy Worship Centrum School To Open in Slovakia

In January 2018 Youth for Christ in Slovakia is opening a new 2-year Timothy Worship Centrum (TWC) School – school of worship and not just music! The school is aimed at developing creativity in worship.  » Read More

Training Youth Leaders

Over 550 youth leaders are being developed through a series of training and support programs. » Read More

Uganda Visit Proves Insightful for Foundation Reps

Representatives of YFCI initiative "Foundation for the Nations" return with positive reports and helpful information after a visit to a village where beneficiaries underwent leadership training. » Read More

Ways to Engage: Prayer & Fasting

Here are some ways to engage our family in our monthly day of prayer and fasting for lost teenagers. » Read More

Young Leaders Convene in South Africa

Hundreds of young leaders and Youth for Christ staff convene to be equipped for their local ministries around the world. » Read More

Youth Welfare Concept “The Mall” Ministers to Street Kids in Rotterdam

Antillean street youth in Rotterdam are learning about God's love for them, and given an opportunity to use their musical skills in a brass band. » Read More