Four close family members of key African YFC staff in four different nations have just passed away in the past few days under various different circumstances. As I read the bittersweet prayer request from our Africa Area Prayer Coordinator, Koekoes, I said a prayer of hope for those precious families. I also couldn’t help but think that death is as much a part of life as life is. Christianity is not preoccupied about death. We are, instead, passionate about life, both here and forever after. Death is real, and yet death is merely a doorway into “the rest of our lives.” The role of Youth for Christ is not as a travel agent, helping teenagers choose where they go after this earthly life. We are, instead, transformation agents, helping teenagers choose hope, help, and heaven starting TODAY! Death does not beat us down. It may sadden us, but it does not paralyse those of us who grieve as those who have no hope, those of us who are actually still walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

Let’s take a special moment right now to pray for our dear brother, Roger Cross and his wife Jan. (Roger was YFC USA President prior to Dan Wolgemuth and also on the International Board) They are indeed on a sacred pilgrimage which seems to be brushing heaven’s portals. We know that God can heal in two different ways – for grace and for glory. For grace – by graciously extending our time here on earth. For glory – by taking us Home to be with Him forever. And on the continuum between grace and glory is the peace that passes all understanding. We pray peace for Roger and his family.