Spending time with Jean Jacques Weiler, our previous International President, and his precious wife Elsbeth, is a special privilege. I’ve just been two days in Aspach, France in their house, praying, talking, reminiscing and reminding each other of God’s goodness and call on this great mission called Youth for Christ.

One of the most compelling characteristics of Jean Jacques is his reliance on the Lord who listens to our prayers. I introduced him to friends as “the man with calluses on his knees”, to which he grinned and responded, “I used to have calluses, now I can’t kneel anymore.” Our dear brother is struggling with intense arthritis. But, he still prays, concertedly, regularly, for you and for me – for all of us in YFC! And this is why – he feels the calling of God to be our representative before God.

He is not harnessed by a title within YFC, but he is compelled by a calling – the calling to advocate, to intercede, to plead earnestly before the throne for the YFC family. He told me that during his tenure as President, God asked him to lead and shepherd YFC, not to necessarily focus on the teens at the time. YFC was broken and bankrupt. Emotionally, we were at odds with one another. Financially, we were in debt and miserly. Spiritually we were arrogant, serving in our own strength. Globally, we were fragmented. And Jean Jacques took us back to our knees. And the restoration of YFC started on his knees. He listened to Jethro’s admonition. The people’s brokenness and bankruptcy must be taken to the throne room, to the King’s cross, to the Saviour’s love. When we lay our cares down there, then and only then are they released and healed.

Who do you represent before God? Your family? Your ministry team? The teenagers of your community, city, country, or continent? Join with Jean Jacques. Pray for the peace of the people!