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The Integral Gospel in Uruguay

How Uruguay YFC is sharing the gospel like Jesus did.

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"Every" Newsletter, Appeals, Ministry Reports, Stories of Young People

Loving Kids Just the Way They Are

A young person impacted by YFC’s Day Centre program reflects, “I should love myself because God loves me just as I am.”

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Ministry Continues Beyond Camp

242 enthusiastic campers participate in ten days of Youth for Christ training and mission team outreaches in Thailand.

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"Every" Newsletter, Inspirational, Ministry Reports, News & Highlights, Stories About Staff, Stories of Young People

Reaching Young People in the Czech Republic

An inspiring story about a troubled teen in the Czech Republic; YFC Burundi recognized by their President for their efforts in educating the future leaders of their nation.

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God is Doing Greater Things in Young Lives

“Kids from poor families are normally rejected by the community, but I wanted to be part of that change, to really prove to the community that these kids also, from poor families, can learn well and it has worked!”

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"Every" Newsletter

God is Doing Greater Things in the Nations

Jovani is from the countryside in Haiti. He grew up raising cows and goats with his parents. His family wanted something better for him, so they sent him to the city, hoping he could make some money and send it back home.

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"Every" Newsletter, Inspirational, Ministry Reports, News & Highlights, Stories of Young People

Secret Angel in the Warzone

They are so used to the sounds of war that many young people can tell the caliber of the artillery projectile simply based on the whistling sound…

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"Every" Newsletter, Inspirational, Stories of Young People

EVERY – Vol 7 Issue 3

“I was a radical Muslim and I dreamed of participating in Jihad and even becoming an active member of ISIS. But then I met Jesus and my life radically changed.”

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"Every" Newsletter

EVERY – Vol 7 Issue 2

Matthew from Eastern Europe find a new spiritual family through football; Chevy from Thailand is learning to live the Good News as he serves alongside the staff of Thailand YFC.

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"Every" Newsletter, Ministry Reports, News & Highlights, Stories of Young People

Every – Vol 7 Issue 1

Orphaned, abused and HIV-positive all before her 10th birthday, Mary was in need of a savior – and she found two.

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