Why does Youth for Christ International call us to pray & fast?

We pray and fast because prayer catalyzes mission and empowers evangelism. In prayer you get a hold of God and more importantly, God gets a hold of you.

We in this season, have the opportunity to reach tens of thousands of lost teenagers proving to be the greatest youth revival in history. In no other time have we as Youth for Christ been positioned globally to reach and impact lost teenagers with the Gospel of Jesus!

Every lost teenager depends on our prayer.

“So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” – Jesus (from Mark 9:38)

“God does nothing but in prayer.” – John Wesley

Our mission to reach lost youth, like all Christian ministry, is solely dependent on prayer. We are calling every Youth for Christ staff, volunteer and partner to prayer in two specific ways: pray for the harvest, and pray for those who work in the harvest. We are called to pray for lost people and we are instructed by Jesus to ask God to send more workers into the harvest. God has designed prayer to be relational and thereby is deeply moved when we pray. Scripture shows God is moved when we pray.

To dismiss prayer & fasting would be a disservice to our mission as we would fail to produce and train the type of missionaries who are compelled to reach every young person with the Gospel. Prayer is and will always be a catalyst for mission.

We are calling YOU to pray and fast with us the first Monday of every month so lost youth come to know and be transformed by Jesus!


Jesus prayed and fasted before the Spirit led him “in power” back to Galilee to begin His public ministry (Luke 4:1-2 & 14). The early Church was catalyzed into mission when praying and became witnesses of Jesus (Acts 1-2). Paul and Barnabas were sent while the Church prayed and fasted (Acts 13:2-3). During the 1700’s, the Moravians (in Hernhut, Germany) sent missionaries worldwide during their 100 year prayer meeting. Some of these missionaries were the ones who influenced George Whitfield, John Wesley and his brother Charles who consequently birthed the first great awakening. Finney, Moody, and the Booths depict how encountering God in prayer became the source of their might in ministry. Youth for Christ Founder Torrey Johnson became a Christian after students began to pray for him.

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