Youth for Christ is about going with the Gospel by any means possible. I have been on boats in Venezuela, motorbikes in Rwanda and buses in Bolivia – this marvelous story is about the Good News message going forth on the air waves in the Pacific Ocean on 103.1 FM Radio Samoa.

After our breakfast show, we open the phones for 1 hour and we get callers – 15-20 calls – calling in asking how to be saved. We have an office team that will attend to the call or follow up. One lady’s son got healed when our program on healing was on the air. She heard one of our staff lives in her village; she went to our staff’s house and asked if he could come to her house. Our staff went to the house and saw the whole family crying because they were in AWE of what God had done for the child. So our staff shared the love of Christ and they all repented and asked Jesus in to their hearts. We have invited them to our weekly rallies.

Be encouraged. I’m thrilled that going is so often accompanied by miracles – the Supernatural reaching down into the carnate world for amazing purposes. And, did you notice that in certain parts of the world YFC is still doing rallies!? By any means possible, we go, we share, we believe in the transformational power of the Gospel.