It’s my 50th birthday and I can’t help but celebrate that God has indeed given me an abundance of life, a very full life – relationships, calling, blessings, all SO THAT I can be a blessing and bring glory to His Name.

Life. It’s a precious gift from the Lord. Every time I take communion, I press my fingers across my arteries in my wrist and feel the coursing of blood, pumping, surging through from my heart to my hand. And every beat is God saying, “I’ve given you another gift of My Grace.” Sometimes, as I power up a mountain running, I can literally hear my heart pounding in my ears, and feel my lungs pursuing more air, I can hear God’s voice again, “That breath was another gift of My Grace.”

This week I received a survey that shows that one of the leading and tragic causes of the death of teenagers on our planet is suicide. This is a type of self-murder and God cringes and cries every time this happens. When I was a police officer in Canada years ago, the worst calls I attended were always teen suicides – young lives so quickly quenched.

The Gospel is always relevant and YFC is always “geared to the times.” Because both of these things are true, the role of Youth for Christ is to be Abundant Life Advocates, Proponents, and Givers.

Do you know a despondent teenager? Then teach them, in love, that there is an evil one who would seek to steal their dreams, kill their hopes and destroy their very lives. And then teach them that good and evil are NOT equally matched. This is not Star Wars. This is the Kingdom of God taking hold on our earth. There is a good God who sent His Son with a promise. The Son of God, Jesus Christ shouts the victor’s cry over this generation – “I have come that you might have life and not just any kind of life; heart pumping, lung stretching abundant life!”

Come on YFC; let’s GO and tell the nations so that EVERY teenager on planet Earth can be a living follower of the living Christ!