“The heart of effective fundraising is telling a story that a donor can emotionally connect with.” – Jim Lynch (TechSoup)

[following is an excerpt from Kivis’s Nonprofit Communications Blog]

VideoSocialMediaOne of the easiest ways to reach people with a story is through social media. When it comes to social media, visual marketing is a primary driver for connecting with audiences. This is why videos — and super short videos in particular — are attracting millions of users.

Telling stories visually through video is important because it engages multiple senses with images, sound, and captioning. Stories told visually tend to naturally engage both sides of our brain. They speak directly to our emotions much more than text alone. Even short videos can be emotionally charged.

Instagram and Vine are two apps heavily used by people under 35: Instagram with 200 million monthly users and Vine with 100 million.

Recognizing that Youth for Christ needs to better connect with young people, and recognizing that our resources require a low- or no-cost approach, we are encouraging field staff around the world to start with something like Instagram or Vine to begin to tell more visual stories.

Do you have a video camera or smart phone that is capable of recording video? Do you have a creative eye? Are you connected with a local Youth for Christ program where the story of what God is doing through YFC isn’t being told visually?

Try your hand at creating:

  • a fundraising video,
  • a thank you video or
  • a mission/ministry video.

Additional guidance, samples, and resources are available at TechSoup.

Share your videos on social media, include the hashtag #youthforchrist, then tweet us with a link @yfcintl so we can help you tell the story to more people.

Youth for Christ International also plans to launch a video contest in the near future. But even if your video doesn’t win any contests, it’s sure to win friends, followers and probably a few supporters.

What are are you waiting for?