Being prayed for by local PastorsVenu’s life had been haunted by the fear of witchcraft which led him to end up on the streets of Hyderabad. YFC staff shared Christ’s love with him and he came to Christ.

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Venu’s story

Venu’s life had been haunted by the fear of witchcraft, because his father’s house had the idol of a goddess in front of their house, Venu suspected that his uncles practiced witchcraft. Venu hails from Jelli village of Narsampet mandal in Warangal District in Andhra Pradesh. Venu’s father also began to drink and neglected his responsibility of providing for the family.

Thoughts of witchcraft, family strife, a callous father and ill health took a toll on Venu, which led him to end up on the streets of Hyderabad after completing his 9th grade education. Venu attended one of the street youth outreach meetings at Secunderabad and the YFC staff encouraged him to join the Rehabilitation program. Wanting to complete his education Venu was enrolled in 10th grade at a local school in Secunderabad which he successfully completed in 2008.

YFC staff shared Christ’s love with him and he came to the understanding that Christ is the only true God and Saviour who can save him and his family from any kind of witchcraft and heal his body, mind and soul.

The staff encouraged him to return to his family and help his parents and bring them to the Lord. He was baptized and proclaimed his faith in Christ before he left for home. Venu returned home with a renewed courage and boldness and was ready to face any challenge in life with the constant help of Christ. The YFC staff kept in touch with him and counselled him from time to time. God enabled him to pick up electrical skills and he also helped his mother in cultivating the small piece of land which the family had. In time Venu led his mother to Christ and is praying that his father will also know the true Saviour.

While he was contemplating marriage, our staff exhorted him to marry a Christian girl and God graciously arranged a girl who was from a recently converted family in an adjacent village. On June 6, 2014 Venu was united in marriage in a Christian ceremony in the presence of Pastors – a new ceremony to his family. God gave the YFC staff the privilege to attend his wedding and bless the couple. Venu is liberated and has made that generational shift to the living God and now a new Christian family is established.