Venezuela’s Humanitarian Crisis

Venezuela is under a humanitarian crisis and Youth for Christ staff are asking for help. We invite our international family to pray for our brothers and sisters in Venezuela. Additionally, anyone who is willing and able is encouraged to support the ministry in Venezuela financially using the donation box on this page.

On average, there are 13 homicides every single day. Most of the murderers are young people; most of those murdered are young people. Caracas is now rated as the most dangerous and violent city in the world – well over 5,000 homicides were recorded in 2015. Access to food, medicine and basic goods is very limited. Venezuelans have to go to the black market to buy food at very high prices.

In spite of the situation, Youth for Christ in Venezuela continues to share the good news of the gospel in close relationship with the local church and like-minded ministries and organizations. One of the flagship ministries in the country for the past years has been the Training Program for Youth Leaders. It is very encouraging that, even in the midst of a great crisis, the ministry continues to invest in a new generation of young leaders: leaders that love the church and continue to build the Kingdom of God because light conquers darkness!

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for Caracas and for the country in general. Pray for our YFC staff there and for the local church.
  • The primary need right now is food. Any donations (single gifts/monthly contributions) will be used to buy food and then distribute it among the team and communities they are working with.