Ukraine Refugee Centre

As you may know, the situation in Ukraine is extremely hard. There is on-going hostilities in the east and the truce agreement is not holding. Ukrainian civilians and soldiers are dying and being captured (according to official statistics nearly one thousand Ukrainian people are held as captives, real numbers maybe much higher). The infrastructure is being ruined, houses are being destroyed and civilians are being killed every day. A few weeks ago an orphanage was taken over and the orphans were brought to Russia. It’s not an horror film, it’s our weird reality today.

No wonder thousands of people are leaving the region in the hope they find a safer place to live.

Ukraine FefugeesWe need to help them with living, food and jobs. Winter is coming; tents and huts without heating won’t help refugees. You can’t share with people in need about God’s love without having fed them or sharing in their lives.

That’s why the Board of Trustees of Youth for Christ in the Ukraine made the decision to transform the YFC Conference Centre into a temporary refugee centre. The centre can host 60 people for living, feeding and training. There are 12 rooms which means 12 families with children and teens can be sheltered! Two families from Donetsk region are alreading being cared for.

Our schedule has been slightly adjusted to the situation in Ukraine. It’s hard to go to your warm nice bed each night knowing that there are families and children with no warm bed to sleep in, no hot water and no hot food to eat.

This winter will be a real challenge:

  • shortage of electricity (today already many buildings in Kyiv, towns and villages in Ukraine experience temporary blackouts
  • shortage of gas
  • thousands of homeless & jobless people on the streets
YFC Centre

YFC Conference Centre that will be transformed into a temporary refugee centre.

To transform the Centre a wood heater and a generator need to be purchased to avoid supply problems. All YFC Ukraine team members and volunteers will help with food and wood for the heater.

The plan is to set up the wood heater and the generator no later than 25th October.
We plan to begin inviting people to the refugee centre on 30th October.
The cost of a wood heater + installation is $10,000.
The cost of a generator + installation is $5,000.
What we have for today:

  • Ukrainian partners promise to donate $5,000
  • Ukrainian staff and volunteers will provide wood for the heater and food for the families
  • The shortage is $10,000.

Would you agree to think about becoming a financial partner in this project?

May God bless you and protect you!

If you have ANY questions – I am here to answer them all, don’t hesitate to contact me personally using the form below.

Thank you for considering the support,

With love in Christ,

Andriy Kostyshyn
Ukraine National Director

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