Teaching Vocational Skills to Young Mothers

Included in the Youth for Christ ministry in Uganda is teaching vocational skills to young mothers. This year at Idudi, and also in Kampala, they are learning tailoring.

Quite a few of these girls had to leave school to have their babies and haven’t been able to go back for various reasons.

The girls are making good garments but they are hindered in their progress because of a lack of good equipment. They are down to two very old machines for eight girls. The machines are on their last legs and they are costly to repair.

New machines cost 400,000 Ugandan shillings (around $140 USD). That is a basic machine; a stronger and more durable machine costs around 500,000 Ugs (around $170 USD).

Thank you for donating to help Youth for Christ in Uganda purchase more sewing machines for this vital ministry.