Renee Wilson – Mission to Rwanda

Renee WilsonThis August will mark 6 years that I’ve been working as part of the International team of Youth for Christ in Denver. Youth for Christ is a global movement that reaches young people for Christ in 138 nations and counting. The ministry focus is on teenagers and young adults, whereby each nation serves the needs of the young people in their country. Some examples of the people served throughout the world are: young girls in pregnancy crisis centres and homes for battered women in Uganda; street kids living in poverty at risk of exploitation in Ethiopia; drug dealers in gangs in Mexico; young children who are orphaned or abandoned in Burundi. The 138 national Youth for Christ ministries around the world are doing whatever is needed to reach the young people in their nation with the good news of Jesus Christ while meeting very real and immediate needs.

Working as part of the International team, I connect with the worldwide staff through email, phone, Facebook and Skype, hearing about the ministry in those nations. I am so excited that I now have an opportunity to do ministry work in the field. I will be part of a group of 12 people going to Rwanda on August 2nd for 10 days. Youth for Christ in Rwanda has multiple ministries: both elementary and secondary schools, discipleship and leadership training, community ministries, and ministry for the Blessed Ones just to name a few. I will be working with two different groups of young people.

Blessed OnesIn the mornings I will be working with the widows and orphans from the slums near the Rwanda ministry centre. Youth for Christ lovingly refers to these children and young women as “The Blessed Ones”. These young women are currently living with HIV and have been left behind by loved ones who died from HIV/AIDS. While many in Rwanda shun these women, Youth for Christ welcomes them in, ministers to their souls, tells them of Christ’s love and teaches them a trade so they can support their family. I will spend time ministering to them, sharing with them the love of Christ, while helping them learn the skills needed for their trade. Most mornings they will come to the Youth for Christ Ministry Centre, but I will travel to their homes on one of the mornings. I am collecting skirts and scarves to give to them.

School of leadership and discipleshipDuring the afternoons and evenings I will be working at the School of Leadership and Discipleship with young men and women ages 18-25. As you probably know, in 1994, nearly 1 million people were massacred in the Rwandan 100-day genocide. The massacre was fuelled by young, hate-filled people determined to eliminate rival tribes. The National Director for the Youth for Christ ministry in Rwanda survived the genocide and has initiated a program to train up the next generation of young leaders, with the transforming power of Christ, and disciple them into men and women of character who could be the next doctors, lawyers and national leaders in Rwanda. Youth for Christ is transforming their nation, one young person at a time. I will work with these young leaders during Bible studies, character building exercises and in small groups. As a result of past experiences, trust is a very difficult and real problem for Rwandans, especially the youth. I will be working towards building relationships now and into the future as they learn to disciple other young leaders and perpetuate the leadership and discipleship program-transforming their own people. I, along with the Young Leaders that will be finishing their training, will also have the privilege of seeing many alumni of this school return. We will see and hear how God has used them in their own communities to disciple others.

I will also be going to Youth for Christ in Burundi for 2 days. I will have the great joy of getting to see the National Director of Burundi and meeting many of the staff in Bujumbura. We will then travel to one of the centres, this one located in Gitega. At each of the centres Youth for Christ has schools, a medical facility and orphanages. Youth for Christ has adopted 57 orphans.  I will get to love on and minister to the orphans during my time there.

I would love for you to partner with me on my trip. I need prayer partners as I prepare for and go on this journey. I want to be a physical example of Christ’s love as I minister and serve the people in Rwanda and Burundi. Enclosed is a bookmark that you can put in your Bible, on your bathroom mirror, on the fridge, or anywhere else you will see it at least once a day. Please pray for me and the people in Rwanda I will be ministering to.

The trip is being funded entirely through donations to Youth for Christ by those going on the ministry trip. This covers travel expenses and the expenses while we’re there at the ministry centre. I am responsible to raise $3,150 by June 30th. Donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.

Would you consider partnering with me as I reach across the globe to share the message of Christ to the hurting people of Rwanda and Burundi?  I’m happy to give more information or answer any questions you might have. Call, email, Facebook, or text me.

I feel very blessed that I have the opportunity to go on this trip and that I work for Youth for Christ. I look forward to sharing with you what God does through me and in me.

Serving Christ, one precious soul at a time…