Pioneering Evangelists

The Lord is raising up world-changing Kingdom-minded young leaders with the gift of evangelism throughout the global movement of Youth for Christ and He has specifically directed us to indentify, develop, equip and deploy these young leaders to be all that God has called them to be in Youth for Christ and in the world. Your gift will go to these world-changing young evangelists so that when they emerge they can be resourced to follow their calling and exercise their God-given talents and passion to reach the lost.

Over the past few years an increasing number of world-changing young evangelists have emerged and when they have been empowered, resourced and mobilized these gifted and called young people have seen amazing results with ministry being established in some of the most hostile and unreached places in the world.

The following are a few examples:

Jose Carlos

Jose Carlos

  • Mexico– In 2008 Jose Carlos was identified as an emerging Kingdom-minded young leader and was appointed as the National Coordinator of the Youth for Christ ministry in Mexico. In his first year he reached around 800 young people. After attending the Youth for Christ General Assembly in 2008, he expanded his vision and ministry to seven more Mexican states and now 30,000 young people are reached a year! Jose Carlos and his wife Sara are currently developing a ministry in Juarez, one of the most dangerous cities in the world.
  • Tunisia–  A young evangelist is leading the Youth for Christ ministry in Tunisia, a nation that is known for its hostility towards Christians and resistance to the gospel. He is reaching many young people who have been targeted by fundamentalist terrorist groups.
  • Taiwan– Irene is a young leader in Taiwan who had a vision for reaching young people through the internet. She developed a virtual world that now has 235,000 young people living in it with thousands of young people becoming followers of Jesus each year and being discipled in the virtual world. Irene’s ministry has had such a positive impact on the young people of her nation that the government has allowed Irene to advertise her virtual world in all the schools in Taiwan. So far this year (2011) Irene and the Youth for Christ team have distributed 325,000 advertising leaflets in the schools in Taiwan directing young people to the virtual world where they will have an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.
  • North-western China- Anastasia is currently establishing new Youth for Christ ministry in north-western China amongst fundamental Muslim communities and she has now also ventured into Afghanistan. Determined to make the most of an opportunity to share Jesus with young people in Afghanistan, Anastasia set out on a trek across the Xinjiang region of China. However, when Anastasia arrived at the town where she thought she would be able to secure a ride on a truck, she discovered that no vehicles travelled the gruelling route to her destination. Undaunted, Anastasia purchased a horse and some sheep and set off to where she believed God was sending her. After fourteen days of riding – eating the sheep along the way – Anastasia finally arrived at a town where she could catch a bus that carried her across the border and into the region in Afghanistan where she was able to share Jesus with many young people and families.

Each of the young evangelists listed above was provided with resources, support and opportunity to follow their calling. The small investment from people just like you in these Godly world-changers has resulted in tens of thousands of unreached unchurched young people being given the opportunity to be followers of Jesus.

The Pioneering Evangelists Fund will enable the mobilisation of hundreds, and possibly thousands more emerging young evangelists throughout the world. The potential outcome of this investment is millions more young people coming to faith in Jesus with many communities, and possibly whole nations, being impacted by the gospel.