Peru Flood Relief

Peru Flood Relief

The National Director of Youth for Christ in Peru, Edwin Ponce, is calling on the worldwide family of Youth for Christ to pray for his country.  To date, 67 people have been killed and thousands more forced to evacuate by intense rains which damaged 115,000 homes and destroyed more than 100 bridges in Peru’s worst floods in recent memory.

Over the past three days, the downpour has burst river banks, created mudslides, collapsed bridges, closed roads and forced school suspensions in swaths of the west and north of the country.

Even the capital city, Lima, where a desert climate means that rain is rare, was lashed by a downpour which flooded outlying neighbourhoods.

All Christian organisations, churches and groups of Christians have declared a time for prayer and action. Youth for Christ is already on the ground and offering spiritual support, but they also desire to supply some much-needed material support for people in their communities.

Your donation can help to provide the following for people in need:

  • perishable food
  • water
  • clothes
  • blankets
  • mattresses
  • portable bathrooms
  • cleaning tools
  • Implementation of portable kitchens
  • containers for water
  • flashlights
  • medicines and medical attention

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