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Your support ensures that missionaries all over India can reach out to students across the country. Schools are open to the gospel in India and the staff and volunteers take full advantage.

But we believe the best is yet to come. With the opportunity to reach one third of the world’s youth population which is in India, we plan to reach India’s young people digitally in 2015, through interactive websites, short videos, evangelistic apps, social networking etc.

Sponsor a MissionaryWould you help launch this digital outreach this coming year?

In this uncertain economic time, the team in India counts on your support – now more than ever.

Your gift is extremely important because it provides resources that will make not only an immediate impact, but also for eternity.

A contribution of $1800 will help support a missionary for a year. Your gift of $300, $900, $1,800 or $3,600 can make all the difference… to dedicated missionaries as they faithfully share the life giving message of Jesus relevantly to today’s youth. Please consider making as generous a gift as you can.

As the doors for evangelism is still open in India, be assured that the YFC team is committed to staying at the cutting edge of youth evangelism for the cause of HIS kingdom.  Please help to make this possible with your contribution.

Your donation will make a world of difference.  I promise you.

VijayThank you so much for your help,

Will you help?