Rev.Dr Galilee J. Perilus,National Director of Youth for Christ in Haiti

Real Joy comes from God. It is the deep satisfaction of knowing that your Father in heaven loves you and is making a way for you. He loves you so much in fact, that He will not let you stay the same, but desires to continually transform you into His likeness. The assurance of His love and the transformation of our lives is the real evidence of the presence of God in this broken world.

All of us at Youth for Christ Haiti desire that you receive the real joy of the Lord, and that you would prayerfully consider purchasing a Christmas gift for God’s beloved people in Haiti.

Purchase a new bible for a new believer—————-$12 each
Purchase a bag of rice for a hungry family————–$35 each
Sponsor a child to attend school————————–$30 per month

Merry Christmas, everyone. Thank you from all of us at Youth for Christ Haiti. May God richly bless you this year.

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