Amidst the violence, chaos and destruction,

Youth for Christ is here, shining Jesus’ light on the world

Like you, Youth for Christ staff and volunteers were horrified by the riots in London, Birmingham, and Manchester that led to the deaths of three young men who were trying to protect local businesses from vandals.

Rioting in LondonFor weeks rioters shattered store windows, set fires to homes, and stole property. As we watched these acts of rebellious defiance by young people, we asked ourselves one question: why?

The truth is that someone is going to capture our youth’s attention, and they will be influenced to lead a life of destruction, or to lead a life that is God centred.

With the media’s coverage of the London riots, we know what the path of destruction looks like; but few have learned about the help that Youth for Christ centres provided following the aftermath of these riots.

The following is an excerpt from the Christian Post, along with additional details from Youth for Christ in the United Kingdom:

“In the face of rising unrest, wanton destruction, and criminality, many young people are making a positive difference by leading clean-up operations across the country.

Helping victimsIn London, Youth for Christ in Croydon has been distributing food and clothes to victims who were forced out of their homes because of the fires. Young people in Croydon have been out in force clearing the mess off the streets, making muffins and cookies for the emergency service staff, and visiting people who have lost their homes, possessions or loved ones.

‘We have had a steady stream of young people coming to donate their stuff for those families that have lost it all, as well as some volunteering to sort through the bags, and petition for more donations to be made,’ centre director Naomi George said.

In another example, Youth for Christ staff from Quinton and the National UK office as well as young volunteers went into Birmingham to help clean shops, sweep up debris, and pray with affected shopkeepers.”

We are proud of the Youth for Christ staff and volunteers in the United Kingdom for their fearless outreach during a time of violence and confusion; their actions reveal what can be accomplished through Christ.

Every day there is a battle brewing in our world – good versus evil – and when youth are negatively influenced, violent acts can occur; but when youth have a positive influence and seek God’s Word, they become mobilised to help their community.

In this world, the question is not whether young people will be mobilised to change the world, but rather who will capture their hearts, and what cause will they be mobilised for?

Post RiotGod has blessed the ministry of Youth for Christ. Your prayers and continued support enabled 6.8 million young people to be reached last year in 117 nations around the world – but this is not the total youth population, and more must be done.

If we have the resources to expand our reach, then we can work to prevent violent riots from ever occurring. Just imagine, if all of the students involved in the London riots had been reached for Christ, these acts of violence might never have happened.

Youth for Christ prepares for times of crisis, and we also strive to avert crises, by empowering young people to become productive members of society.

Workers are trained to reach young people in a relational manner, interacting with them on a day-to-day, need-by-need basis. The goal is to empower and mobilise as many young leaders as possible, and they will empower and mobilise others, in perpetuity.

You can make sure we have the resources to make this happen.

A poor but wise youth is better than an old and foolish king who no longer knows how to receive advice. Ecclesiastes 4:13


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Youth for Christ around the globe

Bangladesh: Your generous donations enabled the distribution dry food, drinking water, saline, candles, salt and fire boxes to families affected by the annual monsoonal rain. Along with serving people’s immediate physical needs, for 16 years Youth for Christ has ministered to the young people of Bangladesh by sharing God’s word and His plan for their precious lives.

China: We are expanding our global reach to include China’s 20 million Muslims, in an effort to fulfill God’s Great Commission, which is share the Gospel and make disciples of all nations. This includes taking the Gospel to locations where few, if any, Christians have gone, and where Christian churches do not exist.

Japan: When Japan suffered the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis, Youth for Christ was able to help in a unique way, because our staff were already in the country, ready to provide bicycles to carry supplies and rescue loved ones.

Mexico: Youth for Christ’s ministry in Mexico has grown from reaching an initial 800 youth to 20,000, and that happened in less than three years – thanks to donors like you.

United States: The F5 tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama, ripped through the poorest parts of the community, and left 15,000 people homeless and destroyed 5,000 homes.

Sharing with a teen motherTwo of the communities that suffered the greatest impact from the tornado are areas that have been served by Youth for Christ for 40 years.

We not only worked to meet the immediate needs of Tuscaloosa’s children and students by providing food, water, clothes, and shelter; but are also meeting their long-term spiritual and emotional needs by providing counseling to students and children who are coping with their loss.

You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take rest in safety. Job 11:18

My fervent prayer is that you will help our effort to mobilise young people for Christ. I also encourage you to share this letters with others so they, too, will know the difference that Youth for Christ making in the lives of our young people.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for young people around the world that they will be mobilised for good, not evil.
  • Please pray for the Youth for Christ young leaders around the world who are reaching young people for Christ every day.
  • Please pray for discernment for Youth for Christ leaders as they seek to reach the young people in their nation.


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Please continue to help young leaders around the world who are sharing the Gospel and enabling His kingdom to grow and flourish.

Thank so much for your generosity.


David Wraight

David Wraight, President